Pre Wedding and Engagement Shoots

I was recently asked to submit a piece to Bride Magazine, outlining my thoughts and approach to pre wedding and engagement shoots and thought I would post not just the final article link here but also every point I submitted so that you can get an idea as to how I approach this with you in mind.


The benefits of an engagement shoot

I find that a consultation is not enough to be able to get to know the couple, their style, their likes (and dislikes) well enough. so I always have the pre wedding shoot as part of each of my wedding packages so that I am able to firstly get to know them but also they get to know me. It relaxes them into knowing that the photography is one less thing they don’t have to worry about on the day as they know what I am doing.

What sort of photographs will be taken

Natural candid shots are all that are needed on a shoot like this. Although I will suggest a few set poses (which I don’t always use), I will then throw in a funny line to make them laugh and smile naturally with each other and those are the shots I use because it is from the heart and much more personal to them.

Tips to put the couple at ease

Just be yourself! I chat to them about how they met, what their first song will be, one couple I chatted about what we were having for dinner that evening. The thing is, everyone is different and it is just a case of gauging what works for them and just as important, what doesn’t.

What should the couple wear

Whatever makes them feel comfortable. This is their shoot to reflect their love for each other. I also show the couple a few shots to make sure that they are happy with the initial look and style that I am giving them. I will suggest that they may wish to bring a change, but I’ve not had anyone change what they wear just yet.

How should the couple prepare

Some couples have their pre wedding/engagement shoot after visiting the salon to make them feel ready to take on the world, whilst others turn up after work and absolutely rock it because there are no expectations in this shoot. It is purely for them to get to know me, I get to know them and we all feel a warm glow knowing they will get some awesome photographs at the end of it.

Best locations for the shoot

I always suggest somewhere personal to them – either a beach or woodland works well for me because I can get both close up and long shots and give them some variation and also an idea of what I will be doing on the day.

How long does it last/what time of day should it take place

Usually an hour is fine and although any time of the day is good with me, I do much prefer to get them 30 minutes before sunset so that I have that golden hour to play with and the light is just magical.

When will photos be available?

I love to do a couple of teaser images for them to see the same evening/next day and depending on my editing workload, I aim to get them finished within 2 weeks. there are usually around 40 shots that I deliver (depending on location) but want to make sure they are the best shots for them.



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