All albums are embossed with your names on the album box
Album inside the Album Box
Full protection so that your album lasts for a long time! Again embossed with your names.
Lay flat Albums can be customised
USB Box with USB Stick
All Hi Res photos are put onto a custom wooden USB stick as well as on the gallery. Plus a selection of 6x4 teaser images printed to sit in the box.
Album Cover
Album and Parent Album
Parent albums are the perfect way to say thank you to loved ones. Exactly the same amount of pages, just on a smaller scale.

After chatting to many couples of the last couple of years, it has become apparent that wedding albums have been making a huge comeback.

I only used to do albums so to show couples the quality of the photos that I took, but more and more asked how they could get an album as part of their package also.

So, I got in touch with a few album suppliers and met up with a few also so to make sure what I was offering was obviously going to stand the test of time and had the potential to be passed through generations of family members as a treasured keepsake.

The digital package comes with the online gallery as well as the USB print box and USB stick with all your edited high resolution photos on that, so regardless whether you choose an album or not, you will always have the files safely backed up and I always recommend saving them to at least 2 other locations (google photos, dropbox, another usb stick or hard disk , etc) just to make sure you always have them in case anything gets lost.

Albums, however, are just amazing. I think it is that you have something physical in your hand that makes it more real and, although seems bizarre, but you can ‘touch’ the photo and get a strange connection from it.The fact that they can bring amazing memories flooding back in an instant, by just opening up the page and there are the photos.

I myself have been making albums of my own family for this very reason. Digital files are so easily locked away on a hard drive, but albums are always there in the bookshelf and can be viewed anytime you like.

These photos are just some of the examples of the albums that I do, however, I want to make it as personal to you as I can, so ask any questions about what album you would like and I will see what we can design together.

Richard xx


40 Page / 20 Spreads

  • Beautiful Boxed Album to keep protected
  • Your names embossed on front of box and album
  • Choice of 800gsm finishes
    (Lustre, Pearl, Gloss, Silk, Matt)
  • Protective cloth dust bag

Parent Album

The perfect gift
  • Only to be purchased with the main album
  • Cost Price - as smaller replica of the main album
  • Choice of 800gsm finishes
    (Lustre, Pearl, Gloss, Silk, Matt)
  • Protective cloth dust bag

USB Box and Gallery

Part of your package
  • All edited Hi Res digital files on USB Stick
  • Custom Wooden USB Stick
  • Custom Wooden Box with a small selection of
    6x4 photos that fits perfectly inside
  • Online password protected gallery as standard