100 miles on an ofo bike!

We did it! We bloomin’ well did it!

What started out as a fun idea, actually turned into a reality and we rode an ofoon the Bike Events #norwich100 (Which shall now be known as the #ofo100) for 100 miles!
Let me put that into perspective – these bikes are not carbon, they are not the lightest of bikes and they have solid tyres and 3 gears (2 more than I initially thought which was a bonus!)
But it was all worthwhile on the day as 15 of us undertook what was to be an epic challenge that broke records as nobody has ridden an ofo for 100 miles before and also we raised lots of money for the charities involved too!
Most of us were riding for Nelson’s Journey but there were also people riding for SHINE, Nicu, EACH and Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital.
Yesterday alone after posting live facebook videos, took my the total for Nelson’s Journey to over £2000!!! thank you so much!!!
I am so proud of everyone of you crazy ofos for saying yes to riding! Ofo have been wonderfully supportive in making sure we had everything we needed for the ride. Our sponsors have been amazing – Complete Fitness LtdCity And County Residential Lettings Ltd and HOSE SERVICES.
Not only were the team amazing in supporting each other, but the other riders passing us (we knew they would) were full of admiration and support for us attempting this crazy challenge!

It really was a day to remember and the support from everyone along the way will never be forgotten! xx

It may have taken us 15 hours to get round the 100 mile route, but it happened!

I am very proud of you Christina Elizabeth and Jodie Cole for making sure that nobody was left behind and always dropping back to support anyone struggling!
At one point it was so easy to give up, but we found strength and encouragement to carry on and went for it!

You guys rock – #teamofo #crazyofos #ofo100