Tracey and Hoody RAF Wedding

WOW!!! 😀 The ‪#‎wedding‬ on Saturday was my first of the year and I think one certainly to remember!
RAF Wedding between the very charming Dave and the very beautiful Tracey was just amazing from start to finish!
8am start on the golf course at Woodhall Spa Golf, then over to John & Associates salon, back for make up (not just mine), arrivals and to get the last shot on the 18th hole, before finding out that the ceremony may have to be put back 15 minutes!!!
“Oh no, what’s wrong” I asked, “Oh nothing,” Dave said happily, “It’s just that the pilot of the ‪#‎Spitfire‬ flying in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight called yesterday to say he would do a fly by at 4.10pm, but the ceremony is at 4pm!”
(First world problems haha!)

Needless to say, it was totally spectacular, as was the ceremony, and Lily’s speech rendered everyone teary and a little more in love with the day!.. not a dry eye in the house! Absolutely beautiful!

The group shots were interesting – little me telling Commodores and high ranking officers where to go (in the nicest possible way of course!)

So without further ado – I give you a few shots from the wedding that was… and let the legacy continue! smile emoticon xxx

Tracey and Hoody Wedding Day x

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