Lucy & Paul

It started with a meeting at Lucy’s parents and that was pretty much it! From the moment I set foot into their home, it’s been laughter and craziness ever since!

We arranged the free pre shoot and it was at Earlham Park as the space is awesome and it is where Lucy and Paul go to relax and unwind with a book (prosecco too I’m sure!) – I even waded into the river in my socks to get a shot I wanted!

The wedding day was just as wonderful as I knew it would be! With both the ceremony and reception at the Oaklands (Where Lucy’s parents also got married) it made my job in capturing everything much easier. There had been talk about doing some kind of dance routine and Lucy knew about my past of being in a tribute band… so we danced to Tragedy together after the first song! Apparently there is video evidence! hahaha x