Katharine and Simon

Wow! Friday 22nd of September will be a day I will not forget!

I woke to see an urgent message from a wonderful friend photographer who had been taken in hospital urgently! Her please was if anyone could cover her wedding shoot that very same day! I replied and said that if I can get Nanny and Grandad to pick Jude up from school, then I’m there. If not then I can cover the ceremony at least!

I managed to sweet talk Nanny and Grandad (no sweet talking, they bit my arm off by the offer of seeing him that day) and away I went to see Katharine.

I was already pre warned that this couple were the most wonderfully relaxed and lovely people you could ever hope to meet!

At the church all was going well until the vicar started to have a little turn. He was diabetic and in his robes on a hot day, started to feel quite faint. He tried again and had to sit down once more… so luckily another local retired vicar rushed over to finish the ceremony off alongside the original! It really was a very unique thing to witness!

At the reception venue I was simply in awe of the venue, The Boat House in Ormesby! The views were amazing and there is a jetty that goes out into the lake… that is where the magic needed to happen, and happen it did!…

Katharine & Simon at The Boat House